Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati lived in Italy during the time of Mussolini, and it broke his heart to see his country ravaged by such an evil dictator, and he took part in protests. Martin Luther King Jr. saw racism in America and protested against it.

Now, Donald J Trump is president of the United States of America, and all around the country people are taking part in riots that they so erroneously call “protests”.Protests, are what Pier Giorgio and Martin Luther King Jr. did. They fought against the aggressor, they prayed and protested peacefully. Pier Giorgio was a demonstrator, and things got violent, but only because the corrupt government, under Mussolini, went out of their way to attack peaceful demonstrators. The harming and killing of innocent people, the attack of police officers, and the destruction of homes and businesses of innocent people is not protest and it is in no way inexcusable, even in light of fear and confusion, and everyone who takes part and/or supports these destructive riots are not innocent and are just as bad as the people they claim to hate. Donald Trump is divisive. He does not show love and compassion to those in most need of it. He does not promote a culture of peace and unity and he has instilled fear in many innocent people. Yes, it was only right and just that Hillary Clinton lost the election, because our country would have been destroyed economically, structurally through the perpetuation of abortion, and morally by the same means. Yet, I see all over my news feed that Donald Trump not only won the Catholic vote, but that he was and should have been the Catholic vote. Now, I want everyone to ask themselves this one important question: If Christ were here today, would he look at Trump with as much favor as his professed followers do? We all know that he would condemn the ideology of Hillary Clinton, but would he be so adamantly in favor of Trump’s ideology and his stance against the alien and the refugee. I will grant that there are people who come to the states who are criminals, just like people already in the states are criminals. A person’s ethnicity does not determine their status as innocent or guilty, it is their heart and it is their actions. Many of you see things that I post and assume that I support Trump, I do not. Nor do I support Hillary. I firmly and adamantly oppose Hillary’s stance that it is permissible to kill a child up to the point that they are fully formed and coming out of the birth canal. This is a non-negotiable matter concerning morality and the will of God and all Catholics and other Christians in the 40000+ denominations should always be against this. I am also against the ideology of seeking the self interest of one’s self under the banner of being American. I am against the abuse and the discrimination against minority groups and I am against the fact that countless illegal immigrants who are here solely for the purpose of providing a better life for their family and loved ones now live in fear of being sent away and separated from the people they love so dearly. I understand the desire for Americans to want immigrants to come in legally, but that is a long process and if Americans weren’t so hell bent on working against these people and desired instead to work with them, maybe the process wouldn’t be so long and arduous. But, even still, God takes all under his wings as his loving children and it is our responsibility to do the same; whether American, Mexican, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, gay, straight, etc. God puts no conditions on His love for us, and we ought not to either. Yes, there are some things that go against the law of God, some things that we as Christians are commanded to speak out against and call people out on, but we are all called to love all people unconditionally. That starts in the home, with our families, and extends outwards to our community, to the homeless, the poor, the sick, the legal and the illegal. Neither Donald J Trump nor Hillary R Clinton support nor promote any of this, and it is our job as Catholics to speak for the voiceless, defend the defenseless, and love the unloved. Just as Christ says, “what you have done for these least brothers of mine, so you have done for me.” And, brothers and sisters, God will demand this of us on our day of judgement. He will ask one question: Did you love Me?


Prince of Peace by child prodigy Akiane

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