Porn Stars are People too


This article comes to you from someone who has struggled with the addiction of porn, who has, through his own selfishness, objectified woman, and man consequentially. It is only because I know the struggle and because I know the damage that this addiction can cause in one’s life that I give to you this exhortation. Read more

Whether the Existence of God is Self-evident: Thomas Aquinas


The existence of God and the understanding of who God is has dwelt in the mind of man since the beginning of time. We see this in our history books when we see the various pagan, polytheistic religions of the ancients; and we see it in various world religions of today. Yet, the question still nags at us, goading us on in hot pursuit of the truth. Is there a God? And if so, who is He? These are some of the most fundamental questions that man must ask himself, and these are the basis for all Christian Theology. Read more